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"Daniel just came around earlier this afternoon, this is the second time. Great service, polite, totally professional. Amazing service. Thank you Daniel!!!"
- June 2016
- Ana, Window cleaning in South Tottenham

"Daniel always does a vey good job"
- December 2015
- Marie, Window cleaning in Clapton

"Approached Daniel for the first time last week. Cleaned inside and outside of a large house with a conservatory. Super job, super price, super guy. Would highly recommend."
- March 2016
- Laggi, Window cleaning in Edmonton

"My back windows was cleaned by Daniel this morning and I must say that he did a fantastic job yet again. Even though space was tight at the back, he found a way to make my dim looking windows sparkle yet again. He is worth his weight in gold and very accomodating indeed. Highly, highly recommended. AAA****."
- December 2015
- Paulette, Window cleaning in Stoke Newington

"Daniel came and did my windows early this morning and he did a fantastic job. He was very thorough and didn't miss a corner and also he is very polite. It's amazing how clear my view is now from windows that were previously cloudy from traffic dirt amongst other pollutants. I have now decided that Daniel will be my window cleaner from now on and would highly recommend him to anyone, they will not be disappointed. AAA****"
- December 2015
- Paulette, Window cleaning in Stoke Newington

"Daniel always does a great job."
- December 2015
- Marie, Hackney

"Daniel had done an excellent job on my neglected windows. Would highly recommend to anyone needing a superb window clean."
- July 2015
- Olga, Finchley

"Daniel cleaned inside and outside of our windows last week. It is a 3 story mid terrace house where we have been looking for a window cleaner for years. We are thrilled both with the beautiful sparkling windows and how gentle, polite and very professional he is. Definitely will recomend and have him back."
- February 2015
- Kathy, Window cleaning in Hackney

"We have been using Daniel for years now and he does a fantastic job, and is always extremely professional. Highly recommended"
- December 2014
- Jenny, Window cleaning in Hackney

"First time meeting Daniel this morning, he did a wonderful job of cleaning first floor windows inside and out, can't believe the difference. Lovely guy, and reasonable charges, highly recommended."
- October 2014
- Ann, Window cleaning in Tottenham

"Every time my windows are cleaned it looks like the glass has gone. Daniel always does a good job and he is a very nice person."
- June 2014
- Marie, Interior & exterior window cleaning in Clapton, E5

"We are so happy with the service we receive from Dan.He never rushes and takes great care to ensure our windows gleam! Very respectful, professional man. We highly recommend Clean Touch."
- May 2014
- Jeannette, Interior & exterior window cleaning in Highgate, N6

"First class & reliable!"
- April 2014
- Morris, window cleaning in Stoke Newington, N16

"Daniel cleaned our windows for the first time this morning, and I'm really impressed. He is very professional and helpful, and the windows look great. Very reasonable rates as well. I'll definitely use him again."
- September 2013
- Lucy, Interior & exterior window cleaning in Highgate, N6

"Brilliant service, excellent value! Conscientious and hard working Window Cleaners. Highly recommended. Many thanks."
- April 2013
- Jan, exterior window cleaning in Bow, E3

"Amazing job and Daniel is such a nice bloke."
- July 2012
- Oly

"I echo all the plaudits - great job by a professional and genuine person. We use him regularly and would recommend without hesitation."
- November 2011
- Lesley, exterior window cleaning in Tottenham, N17

"I'm always a bit suspicious of testimonials on websites, but I can only endorse what the others say. Daniel cleaned my windows earlier this week and they sparkle. You (or at least I) forget how grimy London windows can get. To be able to see the view again (even a London view) as clearly as we can now is a real pleasure."
- October 2011
- John, interior & exterior window cleaning in Islington, N1

"Hi Daniel. I just wanted to say thank you very much and how brilliant Lee was this morning - very professional service, he was so tidy and courteous and the windows are gleaming clean! Will definitely use you again. All the best"
- October 2011
- Debbie, interior & exterior window cleaning in Stoke Newington, N16

"Daniel cleaned my windows inside and out for the first time today. He did a fantastic job of cleaning after decorators had been in, and worked so carefully and efficiently. What a find!
- October 2011
- Karin, interior & exterior window cleaning Highgate, N6

"Daniel did an absolutely excellent job cleaning my windows, which included the removal of some nasty old masking tape residue. I've been trying to get it off for years! The windows look like new and Daniel was so polite, tidy and careful. Very thorough job. I can't recommend Clean Touch enough."
- October 2011
- Sarah R., interior & exterior window cleaning Manor House, N4

"Great service from Clean Touch Window Cleaning!"
-March 2011
-Celia, interior & exterior window cleaning South Tottenham, N15

"Daniel did a great job on our windows - they've never looked so clean. Will definitely get him back!."
- February 2011
- Stef,interior & exterior window cleaning Dalston, E8

"I am delighted with the job that Daniel did. He was very thorough and didn't leave until the job was done properly. He was very courteous and professional. My windows are GLEAMING - I will definitely use Clean Touch again and would not hesitate to recommend to others."
- January 2011
- Shelley, interior & exterior window cleaning in Bounds Green, N11

"Really nice guy who did a wonderful job. Highly recommended."
-January 2011
- Jason, interior & exterior window cleaning Stoke Newington, N16

"Daniel is a very good worker and very reliable. He is also friendly and very obliging.
He is an IT graduate and has started up a window cleaning business to earn his living. He has cleaned my windows for the last 3-4 years."
- January 2011
- medfac, interior & exterior window cleaning in Highgate N6

"I reckoned anyone who got the thumbs up from famous Gazette letter writer Myrna Shaw must be good, and so it proved. A thorough job thoughtfully done. We'll be asking Daniel back."
- December 2010
- Tim Evans, interior & exterior window cleaning Clapton E5

"Daniel from Clean Touch Window Cleaning, excellent careful window cleaner."
- October 2010
- Caroline Penn, interior & exterior window cleaning Stoke Newington N16

"We are very satisfied with the results of our thoroughly cleaned windows and roof lights. Daniel has treated our home with consideration and we will happily appoint him again."
- August 2010
- Bettina, interior & exterior window cleaning Muswell Hill N10

"Daniel was polite, extremely careful and tidy. And the windows looked better than ever before! Will definately recommend Clean Touch to others in the neighbourhood."
- August 2010
- Brandon B., interior & exterior window cleaning Hackney E9

"I've had a bad experience with window cleaning companies before, not completing the job but leaving with the full fee. Daniel was a welcome change. He was courteous of my belongings and family, and cleaned all three floors worth of windows in our house during intermittent downpours."
- June 2010
- TMCahill, exterior window cleaning Stoke Newington, N16

"We hired Daniel in the spring and have enjoyed a whole new internal light perspective throughout the summer. The windows are gleaming. We'll be getting Daniel back to ease the winter gloom."
- May 2010
- P.McKenzie, interior & exterior window cleaning in Highbury N5

"Daniel did a great job cleaning all my inside windows, April 2010. Several windows have secondary glazing which makes them a real pain to clean but he did a first class job! Highly recommended!"
- April 2010
- Louise B, interior & exterior Hampstead Garden Suburb N2

"Dan did a great job on my windows in March 2010. He was very professional, neat and tidy (wearing protector caps on his shoes), friendly, and I was very pleased with his work. My windows were filthy and Dan made them spotless. Great job, Dan!"
- March 2010 - Mr H., interior & exterior window cleaning in Hampstead, North London, NW3

"Thank you Daniel for spending 5 hours meticulously cleaning away a year's worth of building scum from my windows. After you had finished we couldn't tell if the windows were open or shut as they were so clean!"
- March 2010 - Rachel E, interior & exterior window cleaning in Queens Park, NW6

"What a delightful person Daniel is! He is tidy and thorough in his work and the results are gleaming! Thanks for a superb job cleaning my 3 story house and the conservatory ceiling. I will be recommending you to my neighbors and friends." - November 2009 - Susan, interior & exterior window cleaning in Stroud Green, N4 North London

"Thank you Daniel for doing a really thorough and professional job. On time, clean and spotless, careful around the house, fair price - excellent job all around. All this and a friendly smile as well. Who could ask for anything more?"
- June 2009 - Grace, interior & exterior window cleaning in Kentish Town, NW5

"Daniel has been very reliable, punctual and offers so friendly and professional service. I have been impressed by the quality of his work. You don't often meet people who take pride of their work and want to make sure it's done to a highest standard. Daniel respects your home and and uses shoe covers and dust sheets making sure there's no mess left behind. I do not hesitate to recommend Clean Touch to anyone needing an excellent window cleaning service!"
- June 2009 - interior & exterior Window cleaning in Tottenham, N17 North London

"Daniel has cleaned my windows for years. He is always punctual, thorough and works to a high standard. He's always very pleasant and helpful. I'm so glad to have such a reliable and satisfactory window-cleaning service."
- June 2009 - Longtime customer, interior & exterior window cleaning in Clapton London E5

"I'm very happy to recommend Daniel - he cleaned my frankly filthy windows until they were spotless, was punctual, personable and considerate - even going out of his way to ensure he didn't disrupt my daughter's view of the television when moving furniture out of the way. Now I've found such a good window cleaner I won't be letting them get into such a state again."
- May 09 - Martha, interior & exterior window cleaning in Kentish Town, NW5

"Highly recommended. My windows have never been cleaner and Daniel managed to clean even my most difficult to reach and irksome old sash windows which no other window cleaner had ever cleaned. Nothing is too much trouble and he takes great care of your property - he puts covers on his shoes and dust sheets in front of the windows as a matter of course. On top of being extremely efficient he is also very friendly and polite [and fluent in German!]I will definitely be using him again and highly recommend him." -April 09 -Resident, interior & exterior window cleaning Islington, N1

"What a friendly and professional service from Clean Touch and at a very reasonable price too. I will definitely use Danielís window cleaning services again and recommend him to my neighbours."
- March 09 - Louise, interior & exterior window cleaning in Tottenham N17

"We were impressed by how methodical, careful and considerate Daniel is. He obviously takes great pride in working to a very high standard. He left all our windows squeaky clean. Unreservedly recommended!"
- March 09 - interior & exterior window cleaning in London Wood Green, N22

"After not having had my windows cleaned for a year I am happy to say that after Daniel's visit they now sparkle. Will be using him again, excellent work at a reasonable rate."
- March 09 - window cleaning in South Tottenham, N15

"Daniel is my window cleaner, people say after the windows have been cleaned that they have never seen such clean windows, Daniel is always on time and cheerful also chats while cleaning the windows."
- February 09 - A.Manning, interior & exterior window cleaning in Islington, N1

"My elderly parents are very impressed with Daniel and kept nagging me to give him a call. I am very pleased I did. What a lovely bloke and the windows are cleaner than new. I love the plastic over shoes to protect our flooring! Thank you Daniel, we'll be seeing you again".
- February 09 - interior & exterior window cleaning in Hackney, E9

"I've always found you to be reliable, polite, respectful and you always take great care in doing a first class job on my windows. All my neighbours whose windows you do have lots of nice things to say about you."
- 18 Feb 2009
- Natalie, Samuel Lewis, Amhurst Park, interior & exterior window cleaning in Stamford Hill,N16

"Daniel came and cleaned the windows throughout our flat internally and externally. He was very thorough and very clean in his work. We had had some shoddy decorating done and Daniel was successful in removing many dots of paints from some of the window edges. I was thrilled with his work and he is a pleasure to have in the house. Unfortunately for him he did such a good job he'll probably have to wait awhile before we need him back again !!"
- 16 Feb 2009
- Chris, interior & exterior window cleaning in Archway,N19

"Highly recommended: prompt, friendly, thorough, careful around the house. Windows now gleaming..."
- 16 Feb 2009
- Resident in Wood Green, interior & exterior window cleaning N22

"Very accommodating; Dan arrived on time and carried out the work efficiently and to a high standard."
- 13 Feb 2009
- Carmen, London E2, exterior window cleaning Bethnal Green, E2

"Daniel my window cleaner came out to my house to clean my windows on one of the coldest rainiest days of the year. They had to be done for rental purposes. When he had finished the windows sparkled and all my window ledges were gleaming clean to. They had been left to get very dirty for a year and a half, so I really pleased he came out and did them in the Siberian cold and rain."
- 13 Feb 2009
- F. Spreadborough, interior & exterior window cleaning Stoke Newington, N16

"I have known Daniel for several years and cannot speak too highly of him. He is most professional in his approach to his work, showing great attention to detail in the many, sometimes unexpected, aspects involved. He arrives on time, on the day he is expected and although he works quite fast he shows great respect for the home he is in, more than willing to offer help where help is needed. In my opinion he is also completely trustworthy. He is always dressed in appropriate clothing for the job, always clean and tidy. He has a fantastically amiable personality. Many people on this Estate use his services and I have never heard a bad word spoken of him".
- 27th January 2009
- M. Shaw, Samuel Lewis Trust Estate, Amhurst Park, interior & exterior window cleaning Stamford Hill N16

"Great service from Clean Touch Window Cleaning!
Daniel from Clean Touch has cleaned my windows today and I am really delighted with the results. He's a friendly guy who has provided a really thorough service. I would happily recommend him."
- 15 Jan 2009
- J. Garrick (interior & exterior Window cleaning N4, Finsbury Park)